Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ an awkward infomercial for her political views


The Details

Sarah Palin's Alaska
two stars
Sundays, 9 p.m., TLC

Whether you think Sarah Palin is a bold truth-teller or a raving lunatic, it’s hard to deny that she has plenty of charisma and is adept at cultivating her own image. Those qualities make the former beauty queen and sports broadcaster the ideal subject for a reality show, and she comes off as confident and magnetic—if a little annoying—in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a series ostensibly about Palin and her family exploring the natural wonders of her native state. The wilderness showcased in scenes of mountain climbing and salmon fishing is impressive, and Alaska might have made for a fine if forgettable travelogue if Palin had embraced her broadcasting background. Instead it mixes in insipid scenes of the Palins at home and awkward opportunities for its star to insert her political views. Palin turns a celebration of wildlife and adventure into an infomercial for her cult of personality.


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