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Dream Zone: ‘suddenly she was gone’

I have been having a lot of dreams about the woods or firewood lately. I went camping with some friends and found my mother, who has been deceased for more than 17 years now. She was in a cabin, deep in the woods, and was in a hurry collecting firewood. Then I started helping her collect firewood, and suddenly she was gone.Pam 47, Stanwood, Washington

Lauri: Are you a mother? If so, your mother represents your own role as Mom. Is anything going on with your kids or grandson that would cause you to need your maternal instincts right now? This may be where the wood comes in. Your dreaming mind is telling you to gather your strength in order to properly deal with the issue. The camping is either about getting something out in the open or simplifying. Have things become complicated?

Pam replies: I am having trouble with my oldest son, who is on drugs. It is very complicated; my son doesn’t live with his own son, my grandson, and is only allowed to have visits with me or my grandson’s mother here. I have trouble with my son when he is over, and now we aren’t even speaking. I do want it to be less complicated, but just don’t know how.

Lauri replies: Keep dreaming on it. You dreams will certainly guide you. Their first message is to gather your strength, stay strong and do not lose sight of the fact that you are his mother, not his friend. I think that’s why your friends were in the dream and your mother disappeared.

Pam replies: That makes sense. I do want to be his friend. Thanks so much for making this clear to me!


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