How to stay safe during your extreme adventure

Extreme! So what does that mean exactly? The words “radical,” “severe,” “consequential” and “risky” all come to mind. With risk should come responsibility, though the number of annual sports fatalities tells us that everyone isn’t being responsible. Here’s how to stay above ground during your extreme adventure.

Having the appropriate sports and safety equipment is essential. Check your gear! Recheck your gear! Not just for wear and tear but for durability as well.

Take a look at the weather forecasts for the area to dress and prepare accordingly. Depending on your adventure, you’ll need a few of these items: sunscreen, appropriate footwear, a hat, layered and breathable clothing, a first-aid kit, flotation devices, plenty of water and, of course, food.

And about breakfast ... forget espresso and a stick of gum; this meal should consist of high-energy foods and hydrating liquids. Survey your scene and identify any hazardous conditions (poisonous plants, dangerous animals, low water levels, etc.). Remember, this is exercise, so warm up before participating. And as with any extreme sport, know your limits! Don’t partake in the fun if you’re fatigued or cannot concentrate. One last tidbit of extreme sport wisdom: Leave the booze at home. Alcohol dehydrates, it weakens, and it leads to way too many recreational fatalities.


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