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Dream Zone: ‘I’m in a public place…’

In my dream I’m in a public place and thick food is coming out of my throat almost choking me (it is thick and dry), and I have to pull it out and dispose of it in a private place (like throw it in a planter!). Help me!Anne 38, Murray, KY

Lauri: Whenever your dream focuses on the throat or mouth it is commenting on what you have said or what you need to say. To choke means you are likely holding back words. At the time of this dream were you holding your tongue about something? Was there something you needed to communicate but were afraid to? Are you the type that doesn’t always speak her mind? Notice how you have to pull it out in a private place. This is the way you are telling yourself that yes, you do need to get these words out of your throat already, but you may be more comfortable doing it privately, not in front of others or perhaps not even face to face with whomever you need to speak up to. It is also significant that you throw the food out in a planter. You are telling yourself—through this dream—that you could certainly grow from this. So “spit it out” already.

Anne replies: Thank you for interpreting this dream. I believe you are right! It is a relief to digest what you interpret so we can use the meaning to help us with our daily living. You are awesome. Thanks!


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