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Dream Zone: ‘My son was crying’

Last night I dreamt that an unknown man was taking my 9-year-old son away from me. We were in my house. He was carrying my son down the stairs from my second story. My son was crying. I was chasing after the man and shouting in anger. I can’t remember what I was saying to the man. The man did not have a face. I do recall feeling like I did not know the man.Ellen 41, Red Lion, PA

Lauri: Your son is growing faster than you would like and that man taking him away from you is life! Life kidnaps our children. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, our pudgy, little munchkins are pulled away from us and there is nothing we can do about it. This is a common dream that was triggered by a milestone in your son’s life. I assume he just started 4th grade? That could be the milestone, unless there is anything else that happened recently that made you realize how big he is getting and how much less he needs you?

Ellen replies: Oh my! He just went into 3rd grade. His older sister just entered junior high so he is all on his own now in elementary school. No more older sister at school to guide him and show him the way. And he is soooo over me doting all over him all the time. It makes perfect sense. Thank you, Lauri!


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