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Dream Zone: ‘a ghost-like figure’

I dreamed that my living room furniture was piled in the middle of the living room and painted purple. I ran down the hall to check the bedroom. I turned around in the hallway just in time to see a ghost-like figure walk from the laundry room, look at me and smirk, then walk straight into (and through) the wall. What does this mean?Audrey 31, Roy, UT

Lauri: Is there something from your past that still haunts you and that you are living with on a daily basis, hence the living room? Are there thoughts about this incident that seem to pile up on you, just as the furniture was in a pile? It seems that your inner mind wants you to cleanse yourself of it, which is why the ghost went into the laundry room. I also think it is important that the ghost went through the wall. Sure, walking through walls is a popular ghostly pastime, but I think this is showing you that any barrier you may feel is there that is keeping you from cleansing this issue from your psyche is in fact penetrable. In other words, get out of your comfort zone and do what it takes to move past this issue. Like a ghost, it is dead and no longer useful to you.

Audrey: This makes perfect sense. I’ve been trying to clear the “clutter” of the past, especially the anger I have over incidents where I felt I didn’t receive justice. In this dream I felt “victimized” by someone coming into my house and messing with my things. I guess it really is time to clean up.


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