Dream Zone: ‘a snake at my feet’

I dreamed I saw a snake at my feet. It was blue, red and yellow. I lay down on the bed and the snake crawled up and lay across my chest. What does this mean?Tammy 40, Colonial Heights VA

Lauri: Snakes in a woman’s dream can often represent a man in her life, hence the shape, that is exhibiting low down behavior. However, snakes can also representing health and healing because we see them in the caduceus, the symbol for physicians, the two snakes wrapped around the staff. Because of this widely recognized symbol, our inner mind automatically associates a snake with healing. That being said, the snake laid across your chest. Again this could be connected to a man you care about because the chest is where the heart is and where we hold our emotions. Is someone you love acting not so lovely? Or is there a health issue you are dealing with, particularly in the heart, chest, breast area? The color blue means this issue is causing you to have the blues, red means it is alarming to you and yellow means you have some fear or trepidation about it right now. Whichever is the case, I do believe your dream is reassuring you that healing is under way.

Tammy replies: I found out last week that I have four lumps in my right breast. I went to have the aspiration (where they drain the fluid) and they discovered that the mass was solid. The night before going in for the draining of the fluid is when I had this dream. So it makes sense. Thank you.


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