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Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and prepares personal astrological charts. Contact her at 340-774-2932, 340-513-3755, or through her e-mail.


ARIES (March 20-April 19)

One more full week with Mercury retrograde. On Sunday, sweet Venus travels to Virgo, where she will operate in your daily work department. It’s time to detail and analyze your daily work. The sun travels to Virgo on Tuesday. The sun will join Venus in Virgo. Your daily work will be in the spotlight. You may notice fewer delays and less miscommunication next week. The moon moves to Gemini on Monday. You may notice people are eager to talk.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19)

Keep your thinking clear while Mercury is retrograde. This is not the time to begin new projects. I know you are not that flexible, but it can be your best choice. Go with the flow. Time to schedule a few changes. Two planets change signs this week. Venus, your ruling planet, travels to Virgo. Lady Luck takes center stage. Take a little gamble or two. It’s time for some fun. On Tuesday, the sun joins Venus in Virgo, your sister earth sign.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20)

Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde. You are recovering a bit of your creativity and confidence. You will be surprised by your shift in attitude. Two planets move to new signs this week. Venus pulls into Virgo on Sunday and will be joined there by the sun on Tuesday. Expect changes around the home. You can anticipate delays until Mercury ends its retrograde session Aug. 26. Don’t be upset when you encounter misunderstanding this week.


CANCER (June 21-July 21

This is the last full week to deal with Mercury retrograde. I know you do not like the miscommunication and confusion created by delays. Sunday should bring a smile when Venus heads into Virgo. Get out and meet your neighbors. You could hear from your siblings. It’s time to communicate. You could enjoy a short trip this weekend. The sun will follow Venus into Virgo on Tuesday. Your communication department will be in the spotlight.


LEO (July 22-August 22)

Your birthday month ends Tuesday as the sun leaves your sign and moves on to Virgo. I have something to share with later-born Leo. You are known as cusp babies. I am a cusp baby, a later-born Leo, with my birthday on August 20. Like me, you should read Virgo as well as Leo. We are affected by both signs. Venus precedes the sun in Virgo on Sunday, landing in your earned income department. You could see a raise or a bonus.


VIRGO (August 23- September 21)

The sun travels to your sign Tuesday, setting off a month of birthdays. For you early-born Virgos, I have something to tell you. If you are born close to the 20th, give or take a day or two, you are known as a cusp baby. When you are born at the beginning or ending of a sign, you should read both Leo and Virgo. You will find you have a little of both signs. Venus joins Virgo on Saturday. Venus is love and money.


LIBRA (September 22- October 22)

This is the last full week to deal with Mercury retrograde. Get ready to launch new projects. You could hear from old friends. Changes flow in Sunday when Venus travels to Virgo. Work behind the scenes. Get the rest you need. It is time to use your skills and maintain balance. Remember, you represent the scales of justice, so you know how to balance. Keep pursuing your dreams when the sun enters Virgo on Tuesday. You have the hope and discipline to do this.


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

I know, with Mercury retrograde, you have experienced miscommunication. We have all run into delays. Let go of the tension. Two planets change signs this week. Venus moves on to Virgo on Sunday. Share your ideas, hopes, wishes and goals. On Tuesday, you may find yourself in the spotlight when the sun heads for Virgo. It’s time to detail and analyze. Join an organization. Mercury goes direct Aug. 26. Everything will move forward. Get ready to initiate new projects this week.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 20)

Get ready to travel. Mercury moves forward Aug. 26. Venus, the planet of love and money, takes up residence in Virgo on Sunday, in your house of career. Join Leo friends this week as they wind up a month of birthday celebrations. The sun travels to Virgo on Tuesday. Your career department is in the spotlight for the next month. You have positive vibrations today. You have perfect balance.


CAPRICORN (December 21-January 20)

Big ideas. Mercury moves forward Aug. 26. Use this week to put the final touches on old projects you have been working on. On Sunday, Venus moves to your sister earth sign, Virgo. Move down the mountain. You could take a little time off for travel. On Tuesday, the sun moves to Virgo. Mars is in Cancer, filling your relationship department with action and energy. This will affect both personal and professional relationships.


AQUARIUS (January 19-February 17)

Get ready to deal with the folks in the financial world, but wait until Mercury moves forward Aug. 26. You can work on getting your papers in order this week. Once Mercury moves forward, you will notice fewer delays and much less miscommunication. Venus heads for Virgo on Sunday. Venus, love and money, will reside in your financial department. On Tuesday, the sun will put your financial department in the spotlight. Your dreams could become real, thanks to Neptune.


PISCES (February 18-March 19)

Two planets move to new signs this week. Venus heads for Virgo on Sunday. This could bring fun and love to your relationship department. On Tuesday, the sun moves to Virgo. You will find yourself in the spotlight. You will notice fewer mistakes and delays when Mercury comes out of retrograde Aug. 26. Get ready to begin new projects. Put your fantasies aside and concentrate on reality. Take a look at what you want in your relationships, both personal and professional. Many changes are coming your way.


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