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Dream Zone: ‘On Mars in shorts and a T-shirt’

Two nights ago I dreamed I was on Mars in shorts and a T-shirt exploring. No one else was around at all, just me checking out the scenery. I remember it being quite fascinating ... and cold. What could this mean? - Eric 42, North Manchester, IN

Lauri: Are you feeling like you are in your own world in some way lately, or perhaps that your world is changing? Being alone suggests you either need some alone time or are feeling left out. The coldness in the dream is yet another indication you are feeling left out … in the cold. The fact that you are wearing shorts is not insignificant. In fact, every little detail in a dream has a message. The shorts tell us that either you need to cut something in your life short such as a behavior, relationship or train of thought or you are currently worried something in your life will be cut short. It is a good sign, however that you are exploring the scenery in your dream. This means you are either doing some introspection right now or you are exploring options available to you.

Eric replies: Wow, thank you so much! There are a lot of changes going on at work and I am nervous and wondering where I will fit in. I want very much to hang in there and stick with it but I keep wondering what’s next. You are absolutely right on the money. Thank you!!!


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