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Dream Zone: ‘Suddenly noticed a sixth finger on my right hand.’

I dreamed I was washing my hands when I suddenly noticed a sixth finger on my right hand between my ring and middle fingers. I wondered how long it had been there. I should have noticed it, especially since I have had that sixth toe on my right foot for a while now. Then I remembered that my sixth toe hurts when I wear work boots. My sixth finger was painless. – Trista, Wausau, WI

Lauri: Your dream begins with you washing your hands, which means there is something in waking life you are “washing your hands” of. The new little finger suggests there is new growth within you; most likely it is growth in your ability to handle the situation. The pain in your foot that your dream is referring to is most likely emotional pain. Have you had to put your foot down about something in waking life recently even though it was painful to do so? If so, your dream is showing you that you’ve done it before and you can do it again and this time around will be a pain-free process.

Trista replies:A year ago my boyfriend took a better-paying job two hours away. He wanted me to move with him but it wasn’t so easy. I have joint custody of my older two kids who were in the middle of their school year. He ended up moving by himself, leaving us in a house I couldn’t afford to rent. It was devastating. I have since moved into a smaller place. Recently, he put pressure on me again to make the move. I told him that for now it has to be okay to just see each other on the weekends. It’s not an ideal situation, but I’m comfortable with it.


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