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Dream Zone: ‘We were having a seance’

I was sitting around a table with unknown people and we were having a séance. When the girl to the right became demonic and evil and turned to me and said, “I will give her your mean message!” Then I woke up. Not sure what the meaning is behind that.- Shardae 24, West Jordan, UT

Lauri: A séance suggests that you are either rehashing old issues that ought to be dead or you are trying to get back in touch with a part of yourself that you feel has died off. Also, what you are told in a dream is something you are really telling yourself. The possessed girl is either you or someone around you that has become overwhelmed with anger or guilt. Your dreaming mind is trying to show you that these negative feelings are bad and need to be overcome. The “mean message” may be something negative or hurtful that you have said to someone recently or it is something that needs to be said but you fear it will be perceived as “mean.”

Shardae replies: I can connect this to me being mad and full of guilt because I can’t help out around the house and with my daughter due to a major surgery I recently had. Also we’re on one income now and I feel like it’s my fault that Christmas this year won’t be great due to the lack of gifts from Santa. This makes perfect sense. Thank you.


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