Dream Zone: ‘blood and body parts flying all over’

I dreamed that up in the sky there were multiple bridges and they started to break. Pieces were landing on people and crushing them. It was very graphic, with blood and body parts flying all over. Then all of a sudden I got hit with a falling piece and I ended up at a mall getting my picture taken. I was told to wait because I’m from the East Coast and West Coast people do things differently.Dave 47, Syracuse, N.Y.

Lauri: The bridges in the sky suggest you have high hopes for something, perhaps something that would be a “bridge” to something better than where you are now in some area of your life. But alas, the bridges are falling apart, which means you must feel something in your life is falling apart and hopes are being dashed. What has “crushed” you lately? Or crushed someone around you? All the body parts seem to suggest that you are “dismembering” yourself from some group or are severing ties in some way. And all the blood and carnage are representative of the angst this issue is causing within you. At the end of the dream you are told to wait. That means there is something you must be patient about right now. In other words, take your time. Do not rush this.

Dave replies: I’m thinking of starting my own business after 22 years of working for my current employer. I think it would crush him to know that I will be leaving, and yes, I would agree that it is causing quite a bit of angst within me.


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