Talking trash: Two Vegas-based fanatics square off

How committed are you? Kelli Maruca traveled 30,000 miles this season to see her team play.

A die-hard fan, Kampa will certainly be rooting the Packers on this Sunday.

Kelli Maruca, Greenspun Media Group VP for public relations & promotions, Steelers fan

“I’m a bit of a fanatic. I’ve traveled over 30,000 miles this season to see eight Steelers games this year—and all were wins! I will definitely be in Dallas cheering my boys on again,” says Maruca, who grew up 80 miles outside Pittsburgh. “The Steelers are going to win Super Bowl XLV because Troy Polamalu’s million-dollar locks trump Clay Matthews’ on any given Sunday.”

Mark Kampa, independent sales rep, Packers fan

“I go back for at least two or three games every season,” the Wisconsin native says. “My 10-year-old son is named Peter Anthony Craig Kampa: P-A-C-K. We’re kinda fanatical.” And the Steelers? “They’ve won enough Super Bowls. I’m sick of those Terrible Towels. Did you know those towels are made in Wisconsin?”


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