Dream Zone: ‘blood started to gush out’

I had a dream last night that I had a zit on my stomach. When I popped it, blood just started to gush out ... and no one cared!Monika 33, Van Wert, Ohio

Lauri: When a woman dreams of her stomach she must first see if she can connect it to any weight or body image issues. If this is not the case with you, then the stomach is more about your ability to “stomach” or tolerate a waking life issue. Which seems to fit you right now? Are you really focused on your weight and body image, or is something going on that has been hard for you to stomach? The zit is another clue. A zit is a blemish, something unappealing that we want to get rid of as soon as possible. What unappealing issue has blemished your life lately? Is your weight a blemish on who you are? Your dream is also giving you some very valuable insight! The blood gushing out represents all the energy you are wasting on this issue. It has been bleeding you emotionally and psychologically! Notice how no one cared in the dream? That’s because you are the only one focused on your weight or on this issue that is hard for you to stomach. Everyone else around you couldn’t give a flip. They love you exactly as you are. The message of this dream is to pop

this negative self image. It’s been draining you for too long.

Monika replies: Wow. Both fit. I do have a weight issue, and my boyfriend has been acting strange lately. I’m thinking it’s because he doesn’t like my weight. I think about this a lot. Thank you.


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