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A local escort reveals what it’s like to work on the most romantic night of the year

The Las Vegas Courtesan bought new underwear for this Weekly photoshoot.
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Las Vegas Courtesan

I get asked lots of questions about different holidays—how busy they are and what working is like on those days. The most interesting holiday question of all, though, just might be about Valentine’s Day. It’s the day when couples get together, spend big money on the Strip on prix fixe dinners and most likely wander back to their rooms for champagne and bubble baths—or maybe even baths in champagne. Quite a few other girls take the night off, so I try to seize the opportunity with the lack of competition. Typically, I see two to three couples per month, but on Valentine’s I see at least that many in a single night. I’m a naturally curious person, and I always wonder about the backstory that leads me to arrive at a couple’s door on the biggest date night of the year. So, naturally, this curious kitty asks them.

It probably comes as no surprise that on a special evening many people want to try something new; they want to get out of their normal routine just a bit. Many women are too shy to venture into a strip club—maybe it’s just not the environment they want for the night—but a private entertainment and dancing experience fits the bill.

I’ve seen just-married couples who’ve tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, couples who are celebrating their anniversary on the 14th and even people who are about to get married the next day. The rest of the evening’s clients seem to be foreigners visiting from other countries or conventioneers in town early. You might think that I would be reserved for some long, crazy night out on the town with a single bachelor client who just wants to spoil a lady—someone who wants to have a hot date on their arm and live a little on the wild side in Vegas—oh, but it’s only a dream!

I wish that someone would have a harebrained idea for Valentine’s Day, but no one yet has asked me to show up in a pink tutu sporting a suction cup bow and arrow to play Cupid for the evening (though that sounds like fun!). Maybe this year someone will ask for something crazy. One can only hope!

Three ways to spice up Valentine’s night

1. I think it’s all about giving and receiving, and I’m not talking about chocolate and flowers. I’m talking about oral sex! The No. 1 complaint I hear from men (and sometimes women) is the lack of this activity in the bedroom after the honeymoon phase is over. I think oral is the top-requested pleasure, since it’s the one act that has slowly disappeared over time. So take your time, maybe even learn some techniques and go to town.

2. Listen to each other and talk about new fantasies or ideas that you’ve wanted to explore sexually. When I see couples, I always talk beforehand about what they want and desire. Sometimes one partner will express something they never told the other for fear of rejection. Don’t hesitate; talk about your fantasies. Which leads me to my final suggestion ...

3. Be adventurous! Do something new and different within your comfort zones. Whether it’s dressing up in a kinky outfit, going out to a Vegas strip club or even going so far as to invite another person into the bedroom (my personal favorite), branching out keeps things exciting. I think Sin City is the best adult playground to make all of your fantasies come true.

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