Dream Zone: ‘I was nursing him’

I have recurring dreams about my ex-husband. In those dreams we are still married and the children are little (they’re both in college now). And in my dream last night my son was a baby and I was nursing him. — Rae 51, Glendale, California

Lauri: Your dream might mean that you long for the old days when you were a happy family. But on a deeper level, perhaps there is something new happening in your life that you need to “nurture” as though it were a newborn, in order for it and for you to reach your full potential. We’ll often dream of babies when we start a new project or relationship. You may also want to ask yourself if you might be “babying” your son too much. No matter how old they get, they are still a baby in our eyes, aren’t they?

Rae replies: You are right on with your assessment of what my dream might mean. I am in a place in my life right now where I think I need to nurture myself. And (according to his sister anyway) I do baby my son too much. Thanks for your input.


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