Dream Zone: ‘stepping on all these bills’

I’m not sure what all was happening in the dream but I remember being in flip-flop sandals and walking around a pool stepping on all these bills. They weren’t specific amounts, just lots of big green money bills.Ellie 31, Kansas

Lauri: Money in a dream is often connected to your own self-worth, the value you and others place upon you. Anything going on that is causing you to feel worthy of good things? The flip-flops are interesting. Have you been flip-flopping on anything or do you feel anyone around you has? The pool might be about something you are ready to “dive right into” rather than taking your time. But I believe the fact that you are stepping on the money suggests this is something you need to take “one step at a time.” All good things come to those who wait.

Ellie replies: I have been looking for a new job since May. I’ve applied everywhere, had a couple of first dates, but no one has sealed the deal. There have been a couple of flip-flops ... more in the sense of I’d hear from people and they’d sound interested in hiring me or at least interviewing me, then they’d change their minds. My last job (a really bad one) was a total flip-flop: I was promised a decent wage, but by the time I got the job, there was suddenly no money to give me. I had a job interview yesterday, the second with a company I am really interested in. After the job interview, I got a call that they are short-handed next week and want to audition me on two shifts! I should get another call today. So yes, I am ready to “dive” into this job!


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