Dream Zone: ‘I shot my Siamese cat’

Last night, I had a horrible dream that I shot my Siamese cat, once in the back and then twice in the back of the neck. He stared at me as he died. It was spooky and so wrong! I would never hurt him. Why would I dream of shooting my cat?Carol, Wausau, Wisconsin

Lauri: Cats in a woman’s dream often symbolize her sexuality ... her inner “sex kitten,” if you will. What’s going on in the intimacy department? Do you fear that you have “killed off” or have sabotaged that part of your life? Cats can also symbolize your pride and independence. Has your pride been wounded recently? You should also ask yourself if you or if someone around you has been exhibiting “catty” behavior—you know, gossip, which is most likely the case given that shooting in dreams is all about wounding words and criticism. You’re the gunman here, so this dream shows your desire and need to put an end to this situation.

Carol replies: Actually, there are a lot of hurtful words in my world. Some co-workers are gossiping about me, saying that I will be quitting my career after I get married in June. It’s very cruel and insensitive. I feel attacked and it’s been really upsetting to me. I want to tell these people to bite it, but out of professionalism, I am choosing to remain quiet. I think the dream hit it right on the mark!


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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