Las Vegas’ version of Ellis Island gets 15 seconds of fame

Casino Royale? One of the right answers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t this guy’s…

Which two are actual Las Vegas casinos? Atlantic City. Ellis Island. Casino Royale.

For locals this answer is easy. The Casino Royale is that rinky-dink little casino next to Harrah’s on the Strip, and Ellis Island is that special heaven of a dive bar on Koval, home to kickass karaoke and the best steak for under $10 that you’ll ever have. Plus, why would Las Vegas name a casino after a competing gambling city? That casino would be required to suck.

Anyway, for non-locals, the answer is a little tougher, apparently. On Tuesday night’s episode of the new ABC game show 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, contestants posed this very question were dumbfounded. One guy picked Ellis Island because, “I have no clue.” A lady picked Casino Royale because it sounded right, which, yes, refers to the fact that it has the word “casino” right in its name. The third contestant got stuck with Atlantic City as his answer, and beyond that he seemed too terrified to offer any commentary on whether he thought his answer was any good.

Why was he terrified? Well, the dude was terrified of heights, and the person with the wrong answer was to be strapped to a jetpack and shooed away on some zipline. This is the twist to this stupid trivia-based gameshow: Get an answer wrong and be physically forced from the game in dramatic fashion. Other ways contestants left the gameshow Tuesday night: being rolled down a quarry in a human-sized hamster ball, falling headfirst 10 stories into water and getting driven off a cliff in the back of a truck while attached by a cord to a helicopter (so, you know, they don’t actually die).

The eventual winner snags $50,000 and escapes a death-defying expulsion. That’s plenty of spending money for a trip to Vegas and its lesser known drinking holes.


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