Dream Zone: ‘fires and chaos’

I was with my boyfriend at a convention in a hotel. When we tried to leave through the parking garage we encountered a mob on the street that prevented us from leaving. There were fires and chaos and the police were murdering people. We tried to go back up the elevators through the garage but two corrupt cops stopped us and tried to beat us up. That’s when I woke up. - Melanie, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Lauri: Sounds like your inner mind is concerned that your relationship with your beau may not be going anywhere! When our dreams take place in a hotel it means our current situation is temporary. Dating is temporary because the couple will inevitably break up or marry. The parking garage also points to your relationship being “parked” and not moving forward. All that chaos surrounding you in the dream reflects your anxiety about the relationship coming to a nasty end if things don’t change and the corrupt police are a definite sign of confusion as to what is the right thing to do. Try to see if one of you is rushing things or if one of you is holding the relationship back. Hopefully you can find a way to be on the same page, if not then just like in your dream, doomsday may be near! Good luck.

Melanie responds:You couldn’t have gotten any closer to the truth with this interpretation! Before even reading your response today I broke up with my beau yesterday. I guess my mind was telling me that it was doomed from the start. Fortunately, we are still really close friends.


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