MTV nearly ruins ‘Teen Wolf’; what other ’80s classic is next?

This ‘Teen Wolf’ is definitely not the Michael J. Fox version.

A mere 26 years after the original Teen Wolf movie, MTV has for some reason revived the brand, then jettisoned pretty much the entire concept other than “teen” and “wolf.” Rather than a goofy supernatural comedy about a basketball-playing werewolf (Michael J. Fox), the new series (Mondays at 10 p.m.; premiering June 5 at 11 p.m.) is a brooding supernatural drama about a cursed teen (Tyler Posey) who keeps his wolfy nature a secret and is in love with the daughter of the local werewolf-hunter. Okay, so he still plays a sport (lacrosse), but otherwise MTV’s version owes far more to Twilight than to the ’80s original, and it’s a pale imitation in either case. There’s the star-crossed romance, an ancient society of supernatural beings and tons of intense staring, all delivered with deadly seriousness. Even the title character’s hyperactive sidekick (Dylan O’Brien) can’t cut through the self-important grimness.

Which got us thinking … what other fun ’80s hits might MTV ruin with overly serious reboots?

Ghostbusters: Four ex-cons team up to banish the ghosts of fellow criminals to hell, while seeking redemption for their crimes. They all have great abs.

Weird Science: A pair of nerdy (but hunky) teenagers create a perfect woman with their computer and are immediately embroiled in an intense, life-changing love triangle.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Two teenage pop-punk musicians travel through time meeting historical figures; when they each fall in love with a princess, both kings and the secret authority governing time travel stand in their way.


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