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Local artist Abraham Abebe’s dreamy take on the Las Vegas landscape



The Other Side of Las Vegas
Work by Abraham Abebe, through August 11.
Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 S. McLeod Drive, 455-7030.

Modest residential housing and vacant streets dominate a three-tiered landscape on a hot desert day overcome by shadows and their drama. The view, loved by many but familiar to few, is serene, a pause in time, a space devoid of the people who come and go. A skyline of casinos hints at the more common story of Las Vegas, but here the casinos are only the background. “People come and they go,” says Ethiopian-born Abraham Abebe, who received his BFA in painting and graphic design from UNLV. “I try to show what’s beyond the Strip. Vegas means a lot for us. If you stop and see this place, you see a lot of beauty.”

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