Las Vegas sees the return of Home Cookin’

Home Cookin’ broke up in 2000, but were encouraged by local bandleader Lon Bronson to reunite.

There’s a bit of a ’90s renaissance going on in local music: Following recent reunions by 12 Volt Sex and Mama Zeus, one-time funk-rockers Home Cookin’ have quietly booked a few late-night gigs at the Lounge inside the Palms. Thanks to the encouragement of veteran Vegas bandleader Lon Bronson, members of the group got back together for a guest spot at Bronson’s M Resort show last November. “As soon as that happened, it kind of spiraled from there, very quickly and unexpectedly,” says drummer Frank Klepacki. Soon all the members from the band’s heyday were back together, rehearsing and even writing new material.

The Details

Home Cookin'
June 24, midnight, $10. Palms Lounge, 942-7777

“We definitely have our old core crowd still here and coming out to support us,” Klepacki says, but the band is looking to attract new fans as well. They aren’t, however, pursuing a record deal as they did in the old days. “We just went as far as we could on a do-it-yourself basis,” Klepacki says of what led to the band’s initial 2000 breakup. “Now we’re doing this for the joy of performing and playing and being creative when we can. It just makes things looser, more fun, more enjoyable for everybody.”


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