@ No. 1: Nevada tops all states in Twitter participation

Rich Coleman

It’s official: Nevadans like to tweet.


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Digital America report

The DCI Group, a public relations firm, released new research Wednesday titled “Digital America,” a state-by-state ranking of each state’s Twitter and Facebook participation rates. The report is based on 2010 census numbers and independent research.

According to the report, Nevada ranks No. 1 in Twitter participation, with 1.74 percent of Nevada’s 2,700,551 residents having a Twitter account. That’s nearly 47,000 Nevadans on Twitter.

When it comes to Facebook, Nevada only ranks 38 with 33.3 percent of the population having a Facebook account, nearly 900,000 residents.

The report also highlights which states’ politicians are most active on these social networks.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is among 48 governors to have an active Twitter presence, while every governor in the country operates a Facebook page. Sandoval has 2,184 followers on Twitter.

Out of Nevada’s 42 representatives in the Assembly, 17 have Facebook accounts and seven use Twitter.

With Nevada at the top spot, Washington, Massachusetts, Georgia and New York round out the top five states with largest Twitter presence.

Washington, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado and New Jersey were the five states with the largest Facebook presence.

DCI Group said the data “will help public affairs and communications professionals better understand the geographical differences in the use of social networking technology to facilitate more strategic campaign plans.”

This story previously appeared in our sister publication, Las Vegas Sun.

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