Dream Zone: ‘there was this ugly black dog’

I had a dream the other night that there was this ugly black dog in our house. It was attacking my children, my dog, and me. The strange part is, even though he seemed very offensive and was biting us, it was not graphic (none of us were bleeding), but I could actually feel the dog biting me.Barbara, Oshkosh, WI

Lauri: Has some ugly situation invaded your peace of mind recently? The biting dog suggests this may have to do with the fact that a relationship or friendship, someone that ought to be loyal to you—symbolized by the dog—is offending you in some way, with criticism or harsh, “biting” remarks. You feel the bites in the dream because it hurts you emotionally in waking life. Whatever this ugly situation is, your dream is warning you that it is beginning to affect your children too.

Barbara replies: Actually, it’s kind of funny Lauri. My sister and I have both been sharing similar stories lately of how our mom is playing us against each other. Or that she is using us (me in particular) as a butt of jokes to boost her own self-esteem. What’s worse is I haven’t really even had a conversation with her since Christmas, as I haven’t done the calling. I (and both my children as well) have even unfriended her on Facebook and she didn’t even notice. Yet I am constantly hearing how she bashes me and my kids. So, yeah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks!


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