Dream Zone: ‘I started falling’

I dreamed last night that these people and I were stuffed in to an old, run-down trailer. They were all whispering and staring at me. Then I saw my boyfriend walk into another room with someone else. I tried to reach out for him but when I did he burst into flames and everything got pitch black and I started falling. I woke up right before I hit what looked like rocks. Lucky, I was sleeping on the floor or I might have fallen out of bed!Nicole 22, Lewisberry, PA

Lauri: Now why in the world were you sleeping on the floor, young lady? Interesting dream. How are things with you and your boyfriend? Do you feel the relationship, or at least some element of it, is getting old and run-down like the trailer? All the people stuffed into it suggest the relationship is stuffed full of issues, not leaving enough room for just you and him. It is very interesting that he burst into flames. Did he have a sudden burst of anger recently? Did he exhibit a fiery temper at you? I think the end of the dream shows us that you fear you two may wind up “on the rocks” as they say … or that the relationship has hit “rock bottom.” If you can’t find a figure of speech in your dream, you have found the message!

Nicole replies: We have a lot of issues right now, mostly trust issues. We almost broke up Sunday. It was horrible. I felt like my whole world was coming to an end. He was going to leave without even talking to me and we fought until he found out I was telling the truth. But he still is being distant to me. And we sleep on the floor because we can’t afford a new bed! Ha ha.


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