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Gourmet Food Truck Fest
November 5, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
South Point, 796-7111. Additional parking at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Pyle Ave. with shuttle to the event

Imagine an open-air food court with chefs serving up bites of gourmet fried chicken, tres leches cake, kimchi-topped sliders and Chinese buns with spicy meats and deep flavors. There’s a PBR beer garden, wine and Absolut Vodka bars, along with live music and TVs showing college football.

And everywhere you look, chefs are holding court. They’re proselytizing to hungry diners, dishing up attitude with a side of fries and pausing occasionally to snap a photo with someone who just really loves their cheesesteak that much. There aren’t any halos here, but it tastes a lot like heaven.

This Saturday, bliss sets up shop at the South Point for a food truck festival that will bring in rigs from San Francisco, Denver and LA, as well as tapping the local well of mobile fare with appearances by favorites like Fukuburger, Slidin’ Thru and Tasty Bunz. Entrance is free, the beer will flow and you won’t have to traipse through a mall to reach the trough.

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