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Dream Zone: ‘a huge spider was stuck on the top of my foot’

I had a dream last night that a huge spider was stuck on the top of my foot ... Its legs clung to the skin. I kept trying to pry it off with my other foot but wouldn’t touch it with my hands. Outside of dreams I am petrified of spiders.Tanya 40, Newburgh, NY

Lauri: It sounds like something or someone is really bugging you lately and you are having a hard time letting it go, the same way the spider is stuck to you. In particular, it may have to do with someone who is being dishonest as spiders often represent someone who spins webs of lies. The spider is clinging to your foot because your dreaming mind wants you to know it is time to put your foot down about this issue even though you may be afraid you can’t handle it, hence you not using your hands.

Tanya replies: Wow! Thank you! The thing that has been really weighing heavily on my mind is my aunt who lives in Florida, and she has lung cancer that has gone to her brain. I’m not getting a lot of info from her as she is a really private person. She has no blood family there with her and is currently in the hospital for a blood clot in her foot. I know nothing else because she isn’t telling us anything, except that “she is fine,” so I have decided on driving there in the next few days to get my own answers. I think I may not only be afraid of the answers I may get, but also a little afraid of the drive by myself, and it is all weighing pretty heavily on me right now. This has helped me more than you know.


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