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Noodles and cheesecake

Lotus of Siam chef/owner Saipin Chutima

Saipin Chutima, Chef/owner, Lotus of Siam, (953 E. Sahara Ave.)

“When I’m not cooking and eating Thai, I love all kinds of pasta. I’m a noodle lady at heart. Any cuisine with noodles, I’ll be there. That’s why I love Italian food—so many types of noodles! I also love sushi and steak. Raku and Joyful House are two of my favorite off-Strip restaurants. When I want a good steak, we go to Delmonico, N9NE or Gallagher’s. I also have a weakness for cheesecake. It’s so delicious (and we don’t have anything like it in Thai cooking), but also very easy to gain weight from and so difficult to lose it afterwards!”

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