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Dream Zone: ‘Gums receding and left front tooth fell out’

I had a dream the other night about my gums receding and the left front tooth fell out. The right one started to chip and was loose. I kept saying, ‘they’ll be okay as long as I put the tooth back in the gums’ because that is what the dentists do.Kasey 32, Defiance, OH

Lauri: It seems you may have said something recently that you wish you could put back in your mouth just as you tried to put your tooth back in. The details in your dream may give us more clues as to what that is. The receding gums suggest you feel something in your life may be deteriorating or becoming less healthy than it used to be. A relationship maybe? Or perhaps you are suffering a communication breakdown with someone. The way you keep telling yourself it will be okay if you go to the dentist is the advice you are giving yourself through this dream that things might indeed get better between you and this other person if you learn to communicate in a healthier manner.

Kasey replies: I had a conversation with my sister earlier that day and I said a few things that I wish I wouldn’t have. I spoke the truth to her, but felt like she wasn’t listening. So I ended the conversation abruptly and wished that I didn’t speak my mind. Yes I believe the situation would get better if she would listen to constructive criticism. But I am not sure she would listen. This was the first time I had spoken to her about her alcohol problem, and I felt guilty. I don’t think I wanted to hurt her feelings. This makes sense. Thank you.


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