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Dream Zone: ‘Forgot to feed my Dogs’

I had a dream that I forgot to feed my dogs for a number of days and they either were dead or severely malnourished.--Cindy 57, Las Vegas, NV

Lauri: There must be something or someone you ought to be giving your time and focus to but aren’t. Usually dogs in dreams can be connected to your loyalty to another person or perhaps even your loyalty to a project or goal in waking life. Your dream seems to be warning you that this relationship or this project or goal is on the verge of dying off. Now is a critical time to re-evaluate if this relationship or project/goal is worth reviving or if you are better off letting it die.

Cindy replies: I have been separated from my husband for four years, with no intention of ever getting back. We have been married for 34 years and it was a scenario where once the kids were grown and gone, we had no common interests. I was unhappy in the marriage and wanted to move on, which I did. He doesn’t want to file for divorce and I just don’t have the money to file. Not having a job doesn’t help. This makes sense.


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