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Whose CD sucks more? Nickelback’s or Daughtry’s?



Nickelback: Frontman Chad Kroeger revels in crass misogyny (“Don’t be surprised when you swallow more than pride”; “You and me sitting in a tree, F-*-C-K-I-N-G”) alternating with insincere sentiment. Even his love songs are a little gross (“I know you feel the same way/Because you told me drunk on your birthday”).

Daughtry: The closest Chris Daughtry comes to saying something nasty is “Got your poison running through my veins.” Mostly his lyrics are generic and forgettable, designed to fade into the background and not grab too much attention.

Worse? Nickelback


Nickelback: Kroeger bellows every song, from heavy rockers to tender ballads, like he’s shouting across a crowded room.

Daughtry: Daughtry’s voice may lack personality, but he didn’t come in fourth on a nationally televised singing contest for nothing. He’s actually a pretty good singer.

Worse? Nickelback


Nickelback: Although they cite a lot of iconic metal bands as inspiration, Nickelback’s riffs are strictly second-rate imitations of more talented musicians. But at least their power ballads have a little edge to them.

Daughtry: It’s hard to tell if Daughtry songs have riffs at all; they’re mostly indistinct swirls of overproduced guitars and keyboards. There are barely any songs on the album that could not be categorized as power ballads, and the endless trudge through midtempo emoting is seriously draining.

Worse? Daughtry


Nickelback Forgettable beats memorably unpleasant every time.


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