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Dream Zone: ‘Scrubbing my legs with a big hand scrubber with little razors in it’

I dreamed I was scrubbing my legs with a big hand scrubber with little razors in it. It was effectively exfoliating and shaving my legs painlessly! - Lisa 46, Turlock, CA

Lauri: Shaving your legs in a dream means you are preparing for intimacy in waking life, believe it or not! However, you are exfoliating rather than shaving, so that makes me think you may be in the process of ridding yourself of an intimate relationship. I also wonder if you have recently come clean about something or have had a “close shave,” a narrow escape of some sort. Whatever the case, it seems like you have handled something smoothly and effortlessly, and what you thought might be an emotionally painful situation turned out to be okay.

Lisa replies: I started dating a new person who decided to stick with his ex. It was frustrating but I am about over it. I did consider having an affair with him but that is very much against my nature, and I have ended those thoughts.


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