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Deam Zone: ‘scary rundown house’

I was looking to buy this scary, rundown house that had this creepy old guy living in it. He was going to live in the house even after I bought it! I walked up to the second floor and could see the third floor because there were holes in the floor. I saw a claw-foot tub that had duct tape on the bottom of it. Turns out, the old creepy man used the bathtub as a bed. I was sweating and shaking the whole time but I had to buy the house. I’ve had this dream three times now and it is so vivid.Paige 34, Wausau, WI

Lauri: The scary rundown house is a state of mind you have been “residing in” for as long as you have been having the dream. What’s got you feeling worn down and tired? What in your life needs some repair or sprucing up? The creepy guy is something that has been bothering you. He’s old so he is either an old issue in your life or something that you are growing tired of, something that is “getting old.” The holes in the floor indicate that you are feeling a lack of support around you. Where are you not feeling strong or confident? The bathtub/bed means you need to “wake up” and realize that you need to cleanse yourself of this issue. Otherwise, like the duct tape, you’ll be “sticking” with something that’s run its course and is no longer useful to you.

Paige replies: I have so much crap around me at work and I need to make a decision if I can continue dealing with it or find something else to do in this life. Thank you. It’s been bothering me for quite some time now. You’ve put my mind at ease. Bless you.


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