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Your horoscope for the week of October 20

Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and prepares personal astrological charts. Contact her at 340-774-2932, 340-513-3755, or through her e-mail.


ARIES (March 20-April 19)

The sun sends Neptune a wink today. Reach for your dreams. Your relationship department takes center stage—both business and personal. The sun travels to Scorpio. It is time to deal with the folks in the financial world. If you are looking for love, you may find it this week. New moon Wednesday. Write down your wishes and set your goal for the month. Venus and Mars square off Wednesday. No need for conflict. Go ahead and resolve any differences. You could find career opportunity at the end of the month.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19)

Make love, not war, this week. The sun and Neptune allow you to share your dreams with those in authority. Let people know what you want from your career. The sun enters Scorpio this week. Open up your department of relationships, both business and personal. Time speeds up. New people may enter your life. A new moon occurs Wednesday in Scorpio. Your life speeds up. This brings a busy time. Attractions are strong. Chill out Wednesday evening when Venus and Mars square off.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20)

Your daily work department will be in the spotlight this week. The sun will travel to Scorpio on Sunday. A new moon will occur in Scorpio on Wednesday. Write down your wishes for the next month—perhaps something to do with your daily work. Set a goal. Make a plan to reach your goal. A Libra friend could teach you how to reach the balance you need. Play it cool on Wednesday when Venus and Mars square off. Avoid debates that could lead to arguments.


CANCER (June 21-July 21

Should you feel a little anxious over the weekend, chill out. It’s the new moon on tap for Scorpio on Wednesday. New and full moons make you water signs antsy. You are ruled by the moon, Cancer. Take a look at your shared resources. The sun winks at Neptune. You may decide to chat with the folks in the financial world. On Sunday, Scorpio begins a month of birthday celebrations. For you, it is time for a little fun, love and luck. Take a little gamble, but remember, it takes only one ticket to win the jackpot. Write down your wishes for the next month and set a goal.


LEO (July 22-August 22)

The moon will be in your sign for the next few days. Surprises could flow your way. Your relationship department gets a shot from the sun. On Sunday, the sun travels to Scorpio. Expect changes around the home. New moon Wednesday in Scorpio. Write down your wishes and set your goal for the month, something you would like to accomplish around the home. Expect social stress when Mars and Venus square off on Wednesday. Find the balance between home and career.


VIRGO (August 23- September 21)

Go ahead and wish upon your star. Enjoy yourself for the next few days as the sun teams up with Neptune. Go with your feelings. Your intuition is strong. Your energy level picks up over the weekend. The sun moves to Scorpio. Time to chat. The sun allows you to communicate your thoughts with precision. New moon Wednesday in Scorpio. Pull out your wish list for the next month. Set a goal. Now make a plan. Avoid distractions. Stick to your plan. You will be rewarded with recognition.


LIBRA (September 22- October 22)

You have a few more days to celebrate your birthday month, dear little peacemaker. Happy birthday. For you later-born Libras, I have something to share with you. You are known as cusp babies. When you are born at the beginning or ending of a sign, it is a good idea to also follow your neighboring sign—in your case, Scorpio. You may find you have a lot of both signs. The sun travels to Scorpio on Sunday. This puts a glow on your earned income department. You could receive a bonus or pay increase this month.


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

Happy birthday. Your big month begins on Sunday. Now I would like to share a little sun sign astrology with you. When you are born at the beginning or ending of a sign, you should read both your sign and the neighboring sign. You are cusp babies. For you early born Scorpio cusp babies, read both Libra and Scorpio. You may find you are a little of both. Enjoy your birthday month. Wednesday brings a new moon in your sign. This is a good luck new moon. Chill out. No need to feel anxious. Write down your wishes for the month and set your goal.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 20)

You may decide it is time to get away from it all. On Sunday, the sun moves to Scorpio. The sun takes up residence in the 12th house of your chart. The 12th house is your secret house. You can work on your secret project behind the scenes. Scorpio hosts a new moon on Wednesday. Make your wish list and set a goal for the next month. Take care of unfinished business before your birthday rolls around next month. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished this year.


CAPRICORN (December 21-January 20)

Your mind is flooded with dreams this week and could bring a surprise. Go ahead and plan. You have a busy time coming up. On Sunday, the sun travels to Scorpio. Talk about your new ideas, your hopes, your wishes and your goals. A new moon occurs in Scorpio on Wednesday. Your relationship department takes center stage. Make a wish list and set a goal for the month. Keep in mind that it is wise to prepare for the big weeks ahead. Mars and Saturn enable you to work efficiently. Reach for your goals.


AQUARIUS (January 19-February 17)

Many changes are in store for you. Gain the balance you need. On Sunday, the sun visits Scorpio. Your career department is in the spotlight. The folks in authority are taking notice of you. Responsibility takes center stage. Do not be afraid to ask for advice or a little help should you find the need. Keep your words on the tender side. Your ideas may be on the brilliant side. Remain focused. Do not come on too strong. New moon Wednesday in Scorpio. This new moon encourages ambition.


PISCES (February 18-March 19)

I know you are feeling a little anxious. Many changes are on the horizon. Your Libra friends are winding down a month of birthdays. The sun travels to Scorpio on Sunday, triggering a month of birthdays there. That will put the sun in your space of adventure. You may want to take a class or two. Make travel plans. New moon Wednesday in Scorpio. You want to move forward. Write down your wishes and set a goal for the next month. Keep thinking positive. Mars helps you reach your goals. The red planet provides action and energy.


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