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Dream Zone: ‘I needed a cardboard box.’

I needed a cardboard box. I was at the store and kept asking and was mad that they were throwing some away when I needed them. - Gina 33, Pittsburgh, PA

Lauri: Cardboard in a dream is often related to money issues in waking life, believe it or not, because we collectively joke about having to move into a cardboard box if finances don’t improve. Are you trying to be frugal when going to the store lately? Are you realizing the waste you may have created before money issues? If not, this dream may be about your attempt to box in your thoughts or feelings regarding some issue or person in your life lately.

Gina replies: Both of those actually make sense! We have been trying to be more frugal at the store and I’ve been boxing in some feelings regarding my mother-in-law. She refused to go a funeral that I felt strongly she should have attended. I felt she was being petty. I was trying to not voice my opinion on the matter too much because it didn’t concern me.

Lauri replies: Ah, that makes sense in regards to the anger you had over the boxes being thrown away at the store. That is reflective of your inner conflict over whether to box in your thoughts or rid yourself of them by speaking up.


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