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Dream Zone: ‘My ex-wife appeared and sat next to me’

Last night I dreamed I was climbing some bleachers, like at an indoor game. When I got to the very top my ex-wife appeared and sat next to me. Over our heads a sign lit up that read “REDEMPTION.” Then I proceeded to put a new engine into a rhinoceros! The rhinoceros was supposed to be a robot but it turned out to be real. When the new engine was put in, I rode away on the beast.John 52, Chicago, IL

Lauri: Because your dream takes place on bleachers in some sort of stadium, I’ll bet it’s connected to head games that are going on between you and your ex. The redemption sign is quite cool. Have you been dealing with guilt over the breakup of your marriage? Do you feel you are now receiving redemption? The new engine is a very good indication that you have a new drive, a new energy, a new direction and you are ready to go! And I think the rhino is showing you that you need to have a thick skin in order to do so. Since it started out as a robot then turned out to be real, it seems to show us that for some time you have just been going through the motions but now are feeling alive again!

John replies: There are always head games and I have to be careful not to get sucked in. I don’t know why she does this but yes, I am on guard and I do feel better about how I have been handling it over time. Part of her head games is her sending guilt messages to me, to which I respond with “I wish you well.” It’s powerful. And yes, I am starting to feel that old rhino in me stirring ... ready to charge! Thanks.


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