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Dream Zone: ‘I was watching an old high school classmate…’

I was watching an old high school classmate park in the parking lot of a grocery store. I watched him get out and run in the pouring rain to an ATM that was in the middle of the street.Jill, 30, Syracuse, NY

Lauri: We’ll find ourselves being an observer of a dream when we are doing some serious introspection in waking life. It is the way our inner mind helps us see ourselves from a different perspective. The classmate represents some part of your personality. It is probably some part of you that has been put on hold since, in the dream, he parks a car. It is significant that it is a grocery store parking lot, as that suggests it is something you hunger for. The pouring rain is a good indication that this is all connected to something that is upsetting to you, as rain in dreams means tears. And finally, the ATM means that this is something very valuable to you that you can access right now. It is in the middle of the street because your inner self wants you to keep going, keep moving forward down this path.

Jill replies: I attended a workshop on reconnecting with your authentic self. The classmate had been on my mind that same afternoon because he fixes guitars and I need mine fixed. My “high school” self was very much into music, but my parents forbid me to pursue it and I gave it up entirely because I was so devastated. I only recently started to get back into it again. My new guitar teacher has started to push for us to take one of the songs we’d been working on to an open mic night. Thanks so much!


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