City Challenge Urban Race will challenge your legs and your brain

Where running meets riddles.


City Challenge Urban Race

You. A friend. Two pairs of running shoes. A scavenger hunt list. A camera. All of Las Vegas spread out before you. Sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday?

On September 8, the City Challenge Urban Race 5K and Half Marathon rolls into Las Vegas, inviting athletic types and clue-finding fiends to battle their way through riddles, puzzles and brain teasers on their way to completing 12 objectives within running (or walking) distance. The rules are simple: Two-person teams compete on a clue-driven course designed around the history and landmarks of Las Vegas. Wheels are strictly prohibited, intelligent Google searches are not, and everyone has to finish within four hours. Think of it as summer camp meets fun run meets Vegas—an urban adventure, with trophies at the finish line.

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