[Holiday Survival Guide]

Put a bow on it! Explore our inventive gift guide

Stuck on what to give those special someones who won’t tell you what they want? How about sexy sneakers, a robot that loves you or a party game for horrible people? No shipping required.

    • Vintage Trophy Top Wine Stoppers

      Paula Travis’ repurposed trophy tops help retain the flavor of your sports (or vintage) fan’s best merlot. $30-$40, Artifact, Market LV at Tivoli Village, 672-2780.

    • Urban Nomad II sneakers

      MCM, the “German Louis Vuitton,” is available in Vegas thanks to Feature, one of 10 boutiques nationwide carrying its coveted leather goods and the only one on the continent with its killer shoes. $470, Feature Sneaker Boutique, 3735 Spring Mountain Road #205, 463-3322.

    • St. Germain Bicycle

      This sleek, retro-inspired bike is equipped for the cruising and cocktailing enthusiast. An orange-leather bottle holder strapped to the cycle’s frame ensures St. Germain is always within reach—for when you arrive at your final destination. $1,000,

    • Deco Daze clutch

      This fabulously patterned satin clutch is stuffed with a premium set of five brushes for powder, blush, shadow, liner and those tiny makeup details that make your look. $58, Sephora, multiple locations, sephora.com.

    • Shwood sunglasses

      Sustainable zebrawood (pictured), mahogany, maple burl—even white oak from old Bushmills whiskey barrels—is handcrafted into striking frames and worked to a butter-smooth fit for shades you’ll want to wear indoors, too. $135+, Feature Sneaker Boutique, 3735 Spring Mountain Road #205, 463-3322.

    • Cards Against Humanity

      Utterly offensive and consistently hilarious, this adults-only version of Apples to Apples is a party game best suited for people you know well. After they’re drunk. $25 (or download free and print yourself), cardsagainsthumanity.com.

    • Clay Arts Gift Certificate

      Wanna make this? You’ll need some supplies (and maybe classes) first. Put a gift certificate to Clay Arts Las Vegas on your wish list. $50, 1511 S. Main St., 375-4147.

    • Dogface Chew Toy

      Peanut butter-scented Army soldiers look tough as nails but are soft enough for your dog to play with. Doca Pet, $15, Unica Home’s pop-up store at Tivoli Village.

    • Kid Hohoho

      This grinning robot Santa is a perfect addition to any vinyl toy collection. Kid Robot, $11.95, Happy Panda Toys inside the Arts Factory, 516-3432.

    • Bots

      Gary Hirsch’s robots, hand-painted on domino backs, are programmed for unconditional love. $12, Trifecta Gallery inside the Arts Factory, 366-7001.

    • Rare Earth ring

      As statement jewelry goes, you can’t get much louder and cooler than a white drusy agate encrusted with 22-karat gold and set in 18-karat gold vermeil and rich Brazilian nut-wood. With a ring this good, who even needs an outfit? $180, MarkieChar Jewelry, Market LV at Tivoli Village, 606-2427.

    • Gloss Lab

      Research has shown that lips draw stares. Add hot pink from this seven-gloss set (with three toppers to add shine, shimmer or actual glitter) and your smackers will stop traffic. $25, Sephora, multiple locations, sephora.com.


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