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Dream Zone: ‘just the baby’s leg’

I was pregnant and going into labor but didn’t have any labor pains, just tons of pressure in my groin. I then delivered just the baby’s leg. I knew I needed to deliver the rest of the baby but was scared to because I was afraid that the baby would be sick. I never did deliver the rest of the baby. – Candace 31, Lehi, UT

Lauri: The labor in your dream may be connected to something you have been laboring over in real life. Have you been working hard to get a “leg up” on the competition in some way? Or is there something you’ve been working on that has only partially born fruit? The leg could mean you have only completed the first leg of a journey. Just as you were afraid to deliver the rest of the baby in the dream, what are you afraid to finish in real life for fear that it might not turn out the way you had hoped? Also, the pressure you feel in the groin may be connected to waking life pressure you are giving yourself to complete this project.

Candace replies:I work in sales and had a baby (all intact, thank goodness) three months ago. There are many competitors in my work arena, and it is high pressure. I do feel that I am getting better at balancing work and a new baby, but still feel a lot of “pressure” to do a better job at home and work. I have thought that a career change may be needed, but I just started with this company and love it. I have had a few successes since being back, but I do fear I need more to make it happen. You are, once again, spot on! Thank you for helping me understand where this dream was stemming from!


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