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Dream Zone: ‘cars parked all over the place and in my way’

I dreamed I was trying to walk home with my dogs and my daughter. There were cars parked all over the place and in my way. I couldn’t get through. In particular a golf cart-type vehicle that was carrying trash just kept showing up in my path. It was very annoying.Lorie 49, Lansing, MI

Lauri: Trying to get home in a dream means you are trying to get back to normal in some form or fashion in waking life. What has thrown you off your regular routine recently? All the parked cars that are in your way suggest that either there a lot of things in your life on hold, making it difficult for you to get back to normal or there is one thing on hold that is causing several problems. The trash seems to suggest there are useless issues blocking your progress or perhaps you are feeling trashed in some way. Whatever the case, it is something that—like the trash—you need to rid yourself of or you will continue to feel stuck.

Lorie replies: This makes a lot of sense. I lost my driver’s license in 2007 and I’ve done everything right to get it back but they keep extending the restriction. It’s now extended through 2014! For no reason, it seems, except because they can.


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