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Dream Zone: ‘our boys flew out of the car’

I had a dream my fiancé was taking me to the ocean and on the way we went over a bridge and our boys flew out of the car and so did my fiancé. I was stuck while the car filled up and the next thing I knew I was right there flying next to them.Sheri 28, Marshall, MI

Lauri: Is there anything going on that you fear is going to pull you away from your fiancé and children? Like a new job or some new responsibility? The bridge is your ability to get through some sort of transition in your life. The rising water suggests you are becoming increasingly overwhelmed and perhaps fearful you’re not going to make it through this transition. However, your dream seems to be encouraging you at the end by showing you flying next to your family, as if to say, “Just stick this through and then you’ll see that things will really start looking up for you.”

Sheri replies: Actually yes. My stress level is through the roof and my boyfriend has been looking for a job and is possibly going back to school. But if he went back to school he would have to live in a dorm and would not be with us. We are also about to lose our apartment and we are trying to find a place to move. With him considering school, I guess I am feeling like I would be left behind in a sense.


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