Dream Zone: ‘They were spitting at me and laughing’

I recently had a dream where my son and his fiancée were standing on a small bridge. I was on the ground and they were spitting at me and laughing. – Cynthia 56, Las Vegas, NV

Lauri:Your son and his fiancée are on a bridge because that represents where they are in their relationship. An engagement is like a bridge between dating and marriage. But they are above you in the dream, which suggests you feel they look down on you in some way or act as if they are superior to you. The spitting is certainly not a good sign. In real life do they disrespect you? We use the term “It was like they spit in my face” when someone does something that insults us in waking life. In what way are you insulted by them?

Cynthia replies:I think she let a lot of things build up to the point she really let loose on me. My son hasn’t insulted me, just the fiancée. He would usually take my side until that night.

Lauri: That is why he was standing by her in the dream. And that is what your dreaming mind is trying to show you. He has chosen her to stand by and with in this life. Like her or not, it’s best to keep out of their new life together until invited. I hope this helps.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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