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Dream Zone: “In a building and it was filling up with water.”

I was in a building and it was filling up with water.  I was trapped and couldn’t get out, even though there was no top to the building.  It was open on top but I just couldn’t get out, and I died. –Annie 32, Toledo, OH

Lauri: You are good testimony to the fact that if you die in your dreams you do not actually die in real life. That being said, rising water in a dream can often be connected to a situation in waking life that is getting increasingly worse, to the point that it is absolutely overwhelming you. You can’t get out in the dream because you must not feel you can get out of the situation. Your dream is showing you though, that you can get out. “Keep looking up,” is the message (hence the open top). In other words, stay positive about it. Dying shows us that this issue has changed you.  Perhaps you had enough and decided to make some changes in your own attitude or behavior and let the “woe is me” mind-set die off so you can have a new life.

Annie: I can’t believe how much this dream fits what’s been going on in my life! My fiancé is a heavy drinker. After we got engaged he seemed to be getting better. But in the last 6 weeks it has gotten worse and worse, to the point that he went missing one night. I’ve tried to get him to go to rehab. I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded. I’ve tried to get his family to help me with an intervention, but they won’t. The day before I had that dream I had decided to pack my stuff and leave. I can no longer feel responsible for him. And I am staying positive for my new life.


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