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Dream Zone: ‘On a plane when the wings broke off’

I dreamed that my dad and dog and I were on a plane when the wings broke off and we crashed into the ocean. We survived but my dog had turned into a fish. With its fins and tail severed, it died in my arms. Also, the ocean turned out to be a huge pool. – Candice 31, Middletown, NY

Lauri: The plane crash suggests something you had high hopes for came crashing down instead of reaching new and higher levels. This most likely has to do with a relationship since your dog was a part of the dream. Dogs can usually be connected to a relationship in your life where there is friendship and loyalty. The breaking off of the wings suggests there has been a breakup.

Your dog turned into a fish because your dreaming mind is telling you there are other fish in the sea ... and at the same time another part of you is telling you, “No more relationships for now,” hence the fish dying in your arms. The fins and tail are severed just like the wings of the plane that broke off, which means your wiser, inner, dreaming mind is telling you to sever ties. The ocean represents the vast, even overwhelming idea of dating again ... it shrinks down to a pool because your dream is trying to show you the “dating pool” isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem at the moment.

Candice replies: That interpretation was entirely spot on. I did just go through an awful breakup with a guy who had turned abusive towards me. I knew the dream stemmed from the breakup and am finding it probably is best to sever all ties from that person.


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