An hour spent in hell — er, watching ‘Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas’

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas’. Watch at your own risk.

The Details

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas
Mondays, 9 p.m., Oxygen

The horrors of reality series Bad Girls Club descend on Las Vegas this week, and the premiere already showcases the show’s trademark over-the-top drama and conflict. In a single hour, we get:

Weave-pulling Two different bad girls have their hair extensions torn out during physical altercations. Later, twins Gabi and Dani leave a handful of the fake hair in the oven.

Puking Volatile cast member Gia drinks too much and vomits in the girls’ VIP booth, splashing some on fellow nutcase Amy. Gia remains unapologetic (to put it mildly).

Nudity Gia’s everyday outfit is skimpier than most bikinis, and any time she gets angry or excited, what one castmate calls her “pepperoni nipple” pops out.

Producer intervention Several male show staffers have to physically restrain Gia, Amy and Jenna from assaulting each other. They are not entirely successful (see: No. 1).


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