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Dream Zone: ‘in a traffic jam’

Last night I dreamt that I was in a traffic jam because there was an accident up ahead. The only way out of the jam was to drive on the opposite side of the road. I woke up as I was making my way over to drive up the wrong way to the intersection so I could continue on my way.– Nancy 54, San Francisco, CA

Lauri: The traffic jam represents some blockage in your waking life. What area of your life is at a standstill right now, most likely due to confusion or too much on your plate? Whatever it is, your dream is showing you that the way to free yourself is to back out of something, hence going the wrong way. What in your life do you think would be best to “reverse course” on? The accident in your dream is “up ahead” meaning, if you don’t back out of this situation there is likely to be a problem for you in waking life, perhaps even an emotional crash.

Nancy replies: Wow! There is a lot on my plate. We have money issues, but I think those are just about over. I was in an accident four years ago that has left me with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, which means I am in pain all the time and always trying to find medications to help. Work is really busy and my husband is, well, being a husband. I think the “emotional” crash is what I am heading for if I don’t slow down and take some time for myself because—as we all hate to admit—we do everything for everyone but very little for ourselves. This condition can have periods of depression, which I believe I am headed for if I don’t take some me time. This dream might be that warning sign. Amazing stuff!


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