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Dream Zone: ‘The other twin came out as a dog’

I dreamed my wife and I had twins. One came out as beautiful baby girl, then at some point while I was holding her she turned into a black cat and scratched my chest. The other twin came out as a dog. - Jeremiah, 25 Columbia, KY

Lauri: Are there some new developments in your life lately? If so, that’s what the babies represent. Two babies represent either two new developments or one that has two elements to it. Cats are usually connected to female energy. It scratched your chest. The chest is where the heart is and therefore represents your emotions. Has a woman caused you a bit of emotional pain recently? The dog most likely is about loyalty and friendship within a relationship. Do you and the wife have a new found friendship in your life, either with each other or someone new? It seems there is some bitter going along with the sweet in your life. Since the dream ended with the dog, that is the point your dream wants you to focus on, the friendship, not the pain.

Jeremiah replies: I have recently decided to try for my CPA again, and my wife is starting her master’s in the fall. I also disowned my mother recently, so that might be the emotional pain. I feel like my wife and I are closer than we ever have been. We also just made friends with two older couples in our neighborhood. That might be the new found friendship. It all makes sense. Thank you.


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