Me-Ality scanner finds your perfect fashion fit


Do you dread dressing rooms and trying on clothes that don’t fit? Meet the Me-Ality measured reality machine at Fashion Show Mall.

The machine looks like a body scanner at airport security and uses a vertical wand and radio signals to record over 200,000 points of reference on your body in less than 30 seconds. The result? The most definitive set of measurements you’ve ever had.  After the scan, your shopping guide will appear on the computer screens outside the station. Me-Ality has partnered with more than a dozen stores at Fashion Show so far, and the guide suggests the best brands, styles and sizes for your body, as well as giving prices from the retailers it recommends. For now, the machine only sizes men and women for pants and jeans, but it will soon be able to scan for shirts and dresses, too.

Best of all, using the machine is free, because finding the right fit is priceless.

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